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Dr. Mark Anderson provides dental implant restorations to finish replacing your missing teeth and restoring your smile. Your implant restoration is designed to fit your smile perfectly, capping your implant posts and giving you back normal oral function as well as a confident smile. Contact Anderson Family Dentistry at 480-633-3447 to schedule an appointment with our skilled dentist and learn more about dental implant restorations in Mesa, Arizona.

At our dental practice, we offer dental implants to help our patients replace missing, damaged or extracted teeth. The dental implant procedure involves two stages: implant placement and implant restoration. The implant post replaces the root of the tooth, providing a strong foundation and stability for your new tooth. The implant restoration replaces the crown of your missing tooth to restore your smile’s beauty and functionality. This allows you to eat and speak with ease.

There are different options for dental implant restorations, depending on how many teeth need replacement. Our experienced dentist will evaluate your dental health to determine which restoration option is best suited for you. You may need a single crown, a dental bridge, or a complete or partial denture. Whichever option you choose, the restoration will be customized to match your natural teeth, leaving you with a beautiful and long-lasting smile that functions just like your original teeth.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding dental implant restorations, we encourage you to reach out to our office. Our team would be happy to assist you in scheduling an appointment with our skilled dentist to help you achieve your oral health goals.

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