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Our experienced dentist may recommend a dental bridge if you have lost teeth. Bridges restore your smile by closing the gap between your missing teeth, also allowing you to once again eat and speak normally. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Anderson and learn more about dental bridges in Mesa, Arizona, call Anderson Family Dentistry today at 480-633-3447.

Dental bridges are an affordable and long-lasting solution to replace one or more missing teeth. This dental restoration uses dental crowns to anchor a prosthetic tooth, filling the gaps left by missing teeth to create a more uniform appearance and restore oral function. Dental bridges have many uses, including improving the appearance of a smile, restoring the ability to chew and speak properly, and preventing natural teeth from shifting.

Like other dental restorations, dental bridges are customized to fit the shape of your mouth and address your unique needs. Our skilled dentist and team are committed to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. We offer noninvasive dental bridge procedures that typically require two visits to our office to complete.

At our office, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. We will work with you to determine the best approach to meet your individual needs and restore the function and beauty of your smile. Do not let missing teeth hold you back any longer. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist and learn more about how dental bridges can enhance your smile.

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