Fixed hybrid implants, also known as fixed hybrid dentures or hybrid implant dentures, are a secure and long-lasting solution for missing or failing teeth. Our dentist will typically recommend this treatment when multiple teeth need to be extracted from your mouth in order to give you a stable, long-lasting and natural-looking solution for your teeth and smile.

Your appliance is specially designed to improve the support and strength of your dentures. Like traditional removable dentures, it will sit atop the teeth and gums. Unlike standard dentures, however, your fixed hybrid will be secured using strategically placed dental implants and cannot be removed without the assistance of a dentist. During your initial consultation, our dentist will carefully evaluate your mouth to determine how many implants need to be placed. Most cases require four to six implant posts to anchor your new teeth in place. These implant posts also perform the same functions as your original tooth roots in stimulating your supporting bone to keep it healthy and ensuring that your smile has a stable foundation.

When you complete your fixed hybrid treatment, your final result should look, feel and function just like your original teeth. Like all implant treatments, fixed hybrid implants are designed to last a lifetime when properly cared for with good oral hygiene at home and regular visits to a dentist to receive professional preventive care.

If you have any questions about fixed hybrid implants or would like to schedule your consultation with our experienced dentist, contact our office today!